Carrageenan used in meat products

Carrageenan is safe to add in the meat products to maintain the long time storage feature. When you store the meat products for a long time, there is a chance for getting affected with fungus and bacterial attacks in that package which becomes the reason for causing many dieses related to food poisoning.

products-meat2The carrageenan will act as a fungus protector in the meat based products hence reduce the chances for getting affected with food poisoning due to eating the packed food items. In addition to fungus protection formula, the carrageenan will help in the process of texture maintenance to attract more customers towards that food in commercial environment like hotels and restaurants.

For example, the SI-100 iota carrageenan is formally used in meat based products and dairy based products with the combination of kappa CM-9401 carrageenan. This type of carrageenan is used in some nutritional retorted beverages like soy based products including infant care formulas.

Another one carrageenan called MBF-70 is a fine mesh iota carrageenan which has an ability to sustain more water in the food items without forming the gel in pockets. This property is used in meat food items especially in chicken strips where the freedom from the visible gel in a steam tray is needed.

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