Hi guys, in this beautiful occasion, I will talk to you about the review of the Shokugeki No soma. Actually, it tells about the boy that is in third junior high school. His name is Yukihira Souma. He helps her father in the restaurant. Yes, the profession of his father is a chef. His father has a high skill in cooking. He has a dream to be able to cook as well as his father. Even, she wants to be greater.

The problem

Someday, there is a problem comes. There is a girl comes to the restaurant. She asks to Souma for selling and closing the restaurant because she wants to build an apartment in that place. However, the Soma doesn’t agree about it.

Then, the girl gives the challenge to Souma. She asks him to be able to serve the customers as they want well. If he can’t do it, he should sell and close the restaurant. But, he can do the challenge; the girl will go for his restaurant. Then, Souma agrees with this challenge. Finally, he wins. But, what will happen?

Souma wins, but his father makes the decision to close the restaurant for about 2 until 3 years because he wants to go to the place that is far away from helping his friend. Yes, there is a friend that invites him to work together. His father goes to his friend and leaves Souma. Knowing it, Souma feels bad. Souma is asked by his father to study in cooking so he can be better than his father in cooking.

Soume learns how to cook carefully. Then, as the result, he is able to cook the delicious food. He can be a good chef. Some friends of him are proud. Every person eats his food will be amazed.

Cornhole rules3274924

Playing outdoor games is always fun. However, you might be still looking for the best game to play in your lawn. These following games are those choices of the game that you can play as outdoor games. Each of them comes with a quite similar rule. The other one comes as the game which is inspired by the old game known as Cornhole. There are two fun games which are known as Cornhole and Bru-bag. The following description below will tell you more about each game. They will provide you with a different rule to play the game. Let’s find out which one of them that will be fun to play in your lawn.

  1. Bru-bag

This is the game that comes from two elements of the popular game. This game will use the board with six holes. It will be quite similar to the cornhole. However, it seems that there are some modifications in it and also combinations with the other element to bring this game. What you will simply do with those holes on the board is to throw the bag through them. Each bag that successfully goes through the hole will need you to close the hole. This is a cool lawn game that you can play in your lawn.


  1. Cornhole

You will find another option of lawn game is the one that will use corn bag (or bean bag) to play. The other thing that you need for this game is the board. Moreover, you need a hole on the board. What you need to do with the board is to throw the bag through the hole. It is not that easy to throw in the hole. You need to put a distance of 27 feet between the board and you. This is the way this game will be a lot of fun to play with your friend.


If you playing the game I believe that there are lots of regulation and terms that should you agree, same as if you join Asia303 there are lots of regulations that should you agree. If you already registering yourself means that you agree to become a member of this website And means that you understand and agree with all the regulation of the Asia303. So here the regulation of this website:

The Regulation

  • Each of member is responsible for his own user id and password.
  • Each member is obliged to provide their most recent data in Asia303, especially, phone number and account bank. Please contacting us to change the data.
  • Minimum Deposit is 50.000, –
  • Minimum Withdrawal is 50.000, –
  • Each member can request a deposit, withdraw 24 hours as long as the Bank is not offline.
  • For members who make a deposit using someone else’s name without report, the deposit is considered DONATION / forfeited

Schedule regular offline BCA Bank:

  • Monday – Friday 21:00 to 1:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday 2100-23.00 pm (00:00 to 05:00)
  • Deposits above 21.00, will be processed at 01:00 (after BCA back online) can perform checks during mutation, then process DEPOSIT / WITHDRAW remains to be done

Note: Schedule an offline bank may change depending on the bank concerned.

Bank Mandiri offline schedule routine:

  • Monday – Friday 22:45 to 4:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 22:00 to 4:00 a.m. Offline
  • Deposit on 23:00 pm, will be processed at 04.00 pm
  • During the mutation can perform checks, then process DEPOSIT / WITHDRAW remains to be done

Note: Schedule an offline bank may change depending on the bank concerned.

Bank BNI Online 24 Hours

Transfer system using BNI RECs are expected to provide a 3 digit code nominal accordance with the last 3 digits of your account.

For example:

  • BNI account YOU: 0123456789
  • Deposit of 200,000 is expected to transfer a total of 200 789

There are many ways you can guide your online avatar on MovieStarPlanet to rise to stardom and popularity. One of the most common way is, of course, to simply play the game regularly to collect the Starcoins you can use to purchase in-game items such as new outfit or furniture to decorate your room, but anyone who has played the game long enough knows that simply playing the game will not get you to stardom easily or quickly. Indeed, for your avatar to actually stand out and gain better opportunities, you are almost required to spend you real, hard-earned money to buy diamonds or even the game’s VIP membership, which in turn you can spend on the game’s premium items. Unfortunately, purchasing them is often not an option for many people, be it those who do not want to spend money on the game or those who cannot spend money on it.


Luckily, there are MovieStarPlanet cheats you can use to boost your avatar’s career and popularity in the game without having to spend any money on it. These cheats allow you to generate free Starcoins within seconds, as well as generating free diamonds and even a VIP membership for up to twelve months. To efficiently use MovieStarPlanet cheats, there are some things you have to keep in mind:

  1. Use sparingly. The MovieStarPlanet cheats come with build-in anti-ban measures, but you still have to be careful not to generate too many Starcoins or diamonds in a day so that your account will not raise suspicion from the game’s administrator and developer.
  2. Interact with other players often. Not only will you be able to flaunt your avatar’s premium items, interacting with other players will also attract more fame and increase your popularity.
  3. Visit the chatroom. Routinely visiting the chatroom with give you a dedicated following who will help you get recognized faster!

Drawing an interesting character for your Manga online story is becoming the main element why people will read your work. Well, let’s be honest for a second that most people will read the manga if first they have a good drawing and then the story. Like it or not your drawing talent will decide the progress of your manga work with manngahappy. So what tips that we can take in making a good picture in our manga work? Let’s find out more here.


Making a sweet and cute characters for Manga online

The first thing that may pop up in your head in making a good character for Manga online is how you can make a good picture which can make people interest to read your work. Well, for your information this is actually a good start. You need to imagine what characters that you may put on your comic and design their mimics to make sure theyreal enough.

Making as real as possible for a character is a must thing to do. You know that when a manga maker successfully brings the characters stick on their reader’s mind is actually a sign when people like to read your works. So in the other words, it can’t be separated in making an icon character which purely from your own idea.

The design of the supporting element such as clothes design is also becoming the main aspect to make sure that the character is attractive enough for a Manga online reader. However, you need to make sure that it related to your story so that you can make a character real enough according to the story and their clothes design.

In the other words to make sure that you create the perfect Manga online character is by practicing routinely. This will help you to develop your imagination and creating a unique character of manga.