Carrageenan was used as ideal food additives in most of the packing foods today. They are having the properties of gelling and emulsifying ranging from a soft slime to a brittle gel that everyone can use in their life.  When the percentage of carrageenan is low as 4%, you may be actually walking on water.

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The carrageenan also has a high repose when it was used with some other materials, most importantly with milk proteins. Due to this property carrageenan is widely used at low concentrations in dairy products to prevent fractionation of milk constituents.

So that most of the application of carrageenan was found in chocolate milk, which is very popular daily drink in most of the developed countries like the USA. Carrageenan also has a property keeping the chocolate in a good suspension level.

Due to this kind of uses the pervasive are seaweed polysaccharides now that it is highly likely that you have eaten carrageenan. In addition to this, the carrageenan was used as one of the ingredients with some other seaweed product which is packed over 24 hours.

The main source of commercial carrageenan is found on the subtidal Irish moss beds in the cold-water Maritime Provinces of Canada. In that places we have found up to up to 65,000 wet tons of moss were gathered on each year at the starting period it was found.

The huge harvesting of carrageenan is collected using the long-handled rakes and specially-designed dredges going from small boats. The current time it’s about 35000 wet tons is collected on every year from that water bed.

After collecting it, the seaweed is undergone a drying process either by spreading and air-drying or by using rotary dryers, when it was completely dried, it sends to the huge factories where the actual process of carrageenan is taken place.

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PhenQ Reviews: Things to Understand

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Have you heard about the carrageenan and its function in the food manufacturing and other industrial sectors? Mainly used as the thickening agent, this substance is considered important in today’s business world because it provides firmness and supple texture to the products. It is a binding agent that makes the products look appealing and attractive – you can only imagine how the products will be without this thickening agent. They will be mostly watery and not attractive to look at.

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Carrageenan and Its Existence

Carrageenan comes from the red seaweed extraction. This type of extraction has happened for centuries, practiced by the local people where the seaweed grows. The red seaweed itself has a lot of nutritional value and benefits. That’s why the carrageenan resulted from the extraction process is always considered as the natural and the healthiest substance that can be added to the foods. The red seaweed itself is cultivated in the most environmentally friendly system, generally done in a small family farming without the usage of sophisticated or high-end equipment. Everything is pretty natural and simple, really.

Extraction Method

Turning the red seaweed into the carrageenan is relatively easy. You simply boil or cook the seaweed with a little bit of salt or milk. Some people may add a little alcohol but that’s optional. Just boil until it reaches the right consistency and voila! Your own natural and healthy carrageenan is produced. Although today’s carrageenan is mostly manufactured with machines in the industrial setting, you can still do the traditional way in your own kitchen if you want. If you can get the red seaweed and you can cook it, you can have your own natural additive.

A Word of Advice

Keep in mind that carrageenan is different from poligeenan. The previous one is the safe substance while the latter one is pretty harmful and dangerous. You don’t want to mistake the two terms.

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Helping Oneself

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Helping Others

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Almost all that contained in the ocean, we can get benefit from. For example is seaweed. There are many types of seaweeds in the ocean. They have various benefits, not only for the health, but also for the beauty. Many ingredients in the cosmetics now are from the seaweeds. But, we will not talk about the seaweed in the cosmetic. In this post, I will talk about the specific content of red seaweed, carrageenan.

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What is carrageenan?

Maybe this is your first time hearing the word “carrageenan.” The word sounds unfamiliar, right? Carrageenan is also called as carrageenins. It came from the Irish word means “little rock.” There is a kind of seaweed that grows in the coastal area near Carragheen, in Ireland.

What is carrageenan? Carrageenan is the ingredient that is extracted from the red seaweed. carrageenan has been used in Pacific countries like Indonesia, Vienam, etc. The Carrageenan extract is in the formof gel. Because of the structure itself, the carrageenan is widely used in dairy products. It is a good thickener  and stabilizer for ice cream, milk, cereals, whip cream, etc.

The vegan also consumes the carrageenan as the substitution of gelatin. The kinds of cerrageenan itself is divided into three. There are Kappa-carrageenan, Iota-carrageenan, and Lambda carrageenan. Three of them are categorized according to the sulphation contents. From the first to last, they are mentioned according from the least sulphation. The Kappa-carrageenan has one sulphate, and the most is Lambda-carrageenan with the three sulphate.

Carrageenan has been used for so long. even in the past period, carrageenan is used in China (around 600 B.C) and Ireland 400 (A.D) in traditional foods. The industrial production of carrageenan itself was pioneered in 1930. The biggest exporter of carrageenan in the world is Philipines, which dominates 80% of world supply.

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You probably have heard about the carrageenan rumor and how the substance can affect your health. You probably have avoided certain foods and drinks that are suspected of having the carrageenan. However, before you are easily fooled and affected by a rumor, it is advisable that you know the facts and the true condition. Only by doing research from different sources you can make a wiser decision without making a fool of yourself.

Carrageenan: The Truth

Carrageenan may come in many different names and shapes but its main function is the same: it acts as a natural food thickener or preservative that will add the taste and texture of the food. If you like the yogurts, for instance, you know that the package is always appealing and the form is attractive. Without the carrageenan, the yogurts will be likely watery because there is no gelatin that keeps the shape.

bDespite the many benefits of carrageenan in the food industry, there is a rumor claiming that consuming too much carrageenan can be dangerous. Not only you may suffer from health issues, it is also possible that cancerous cells will develop inside your body. Such claim and rumor are even accompanied by scientific evidence about the danger of carrageenan.

However, it turns out that the subject of the test wasn’t the carrageenan but the poligeenan – a string of substance that has gone through the dangerous process in the making. To make poligeenan, the algae extract has to undergo acid bath and other chemical treatments. However, you shouldn’t worry because poligeenan isn’t used in the food industry. In fact, the usage of poligeenan has been limited since a hundred years ago.

There is no need to be paranoid either. It would be impossible for the poligeenan to be ‘accidentally’ present in your food. It takes a special facility and treatment to change the substance into the poligeenan and the regular facility for the food processing isn’t exactly the right one to produce poligeenan. If you ask yourself ‘What is carrageenan? Is it safe?’, now you know the answer.


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