People with a disability find it very difficult to do normal daily tasks which require their use of hands, arms or legs. This being said, bathing is also a challenge. They cannot enjoy the leisurely soak in a tub because the traditional bathtub requires effort. Good thing there are custom walk in bathtubs.

People with disability or the elderly will have a wonderful experience bathing in custom walk in bathtubs because they will have independence and freedom. Also, assistance from their nurses or care givers will be a positive experience. It will be easier to get in and out of the tub. The wheel chair can get inside the tub and then, the individual can conveniently transfer from the wheel chair to the 17 inch seat built-in on the tub. The doors are usually extra wide too.

The door is sealed in tight on all custom walk in bathtubs. Once inside, there is no chance of leaking water. The user is assured of that. The guard rails on the sides also help with the sitting or with balancing while inside.

The great thing about personalizing your own tub is that you can adjust the size of your tub to fit your existing bathroom. You can get a small tub with a front opening. You can also opt for a monster tub with a side entrance. Either way, it is a personal preference.

AWalk in bathtubs reduced the need for specific care taker for elders or physically handicapped persons. The bather has the comfort to bath as per his wish and the mode he or she chooses for. Sometimes an individual is not satisfied by his daily bathing styles as he is more dependent upon others for making him bath. The more is the dependency the more is the compromise with the satisfactory bathing.

As the use of Bathtub is increasing there is regular amending in this new bathing style. They not only give bather the comfort of entering in the bathtub but also give them the facility of making their luxurious bath independently. Also they provide them the facilities of various controls and adjustments so as to make his bathtub befit his prerequisite.

The primary features that distinguish a Walk in Bathtubs from a standard bathtub is the way you move inside the tub. These bathtubs are available with doors that open to the inside and outside. The movement for the door is very limited thus making it easier to enter the tub, especially for someone who has difficulty with balance.