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Get the Best Journey From Kuching to Bintulu With Us!

One of the best way of travelling: get bus from Kuching to Bintulu

First of all, Bintulu is a big industrial centre and also being well known as one of the largest single – site liquefied petroleum gas plants in the world. Located between Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, Bintulu is a home to several species flora and fauna. It makes Bintulu become a great gateway for tourist as it has awesome tourist spots like Bakun Resort, Niah Caves, Mulu National Park, Lambir National Park and Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary. Do you want to have a picnic while in Bintulu? Tanjung Beach is the best place for you. You will get amazed by the breath – taking scenes and clear air and waters, totally a great place to get relaxed.

Travelling by bus from Kuching to Bintulu not only gives you cheaper price but also give you more of relaxed time. If you don’t want to get locked and bored along the road, bus is the best way of travelling for you. You can enjoy the scenery and also the fresh air altogether that will fresh your mind. If your mind is relaxed and fun, what will tire you up? Nothing. You will feel very happy to get in Bintulu. Your also will get the best experience with your journey from Kuching to Bintulu. What’s better than that?

Great town, great experience

You can check on the weather forecast for Kuching and Bintulu to make sure that you already pick the best time to travel from Kuching to Bintulu. Approximately, it will be 9 hours of travel from Kuching to Bintulu. The given travel time is based on the distance and speed of the vehicle which you travel. It might be varying since the bus itself has a different consistent speed. But you don’t have to worry because we only give you the best service ever.

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