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Looking for the Best Lawn Game to Play

Playing outdoor games is always fun. However, you might be still looking for the best game to play in your lawn. These following games are those choices of the game that you can play as outdoor games. Each of them comes with a quite similar rule. The other one comes as the game which is inspired by the old game known as Cornhole. There are two fun games which are known as Cornhole and Bru-bag. The following description below will tell you more about each game. They will provide you with a different rule to play the game. Let’s find out which one of them that will be fun to play in your lawn.

  1. Bru-bag

This is the game that comes from two elements of the popular game. This game will use the board with six holes. It will be quite similar to the cornhole. However, it seems that there are some modifications in it and also combinations with the other element to bring this game. What you will simply do with those holes on the board is to throw the bag through them. Each bag that successfully goes through the hole will need you to close the hole. This is a cool lawn game that you can play in your lawn.


  1. Cornhole

You will find another option of lawn game is the one that will use corn bag (or bean bag) to play. The other thing that you need for this game is the board. Moreover, you need a hole on the board. What you need to do with the board is to throw the bag through the hole. It is not that easy to throw in the hole. You need to put a distance of 27 feet between the board and you. This is the way this game will be a lot of fun to play with your friend.

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