Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery


Looking for a fun, safe activity yet brings a lot of benefits for your kids? Why not try archery? After all, archery is beneficial not only for adults but kids as well.

Here are the reasons why you should teach your kids archery.

It is one of the safest sports

That’s right. You won’t need to worry about the safety of your kids as archery is one of the safest sports. It is safer than every school offered ball sport, except table tennis and bowling, according to the Archery Trade Association.

It is year-round, available for everyone

Indeed. It is available for everyone. Even the disabled.

It is also can be done in both indoor and outdoor settings. In other words, regardless of the weather, it can be done.

There are several different archery styles. For example, target archery, field archery, and 3D archery.


Yes, it can help your kids gain scholarships.

In 2014, the National Archery in the School Program (or NASP) Championship gave out $77,000 in scholarships to almost 11,000 student-archers. And the great news is, it is not the only organization that offers scholarships. There are also National Field Archery Association and the Easton Foundations. Whether the students gain cash or college scholarships, archery can help them meet their long-term goals.

Better behavior

Rules outside of the classroom will help improve the behavior inside the classroom. When the kids realize that they can only shoot if they follow the rules, they get it. This applies even to the kids with the worst behavioral problems. They got straightening up thanks to the rules in archery.

No need to worry about not finding a teacher for your kids. There are a lot of archery clubs out there. And yes, they offer archery lessons for beginners.

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