Shokugeki No Soma Review

Hi guys, in this beautiful occasion, I will talk to you about the review of the Shokugeki No soma. Actually, it tells about the boy that is in third junior high school. His name is Yukihira Souma. He helps her father in the restaurant. Yes, the profession of his father is a chef. His father has a high skill in cooking. He has a dream to be able to cook as well as his father. Even, she wants to be greater.

The problem

Someday, there is a problem comes. There is a girl comes to the restaurant. She asks to Souma for selling and closing the restaurant because she wants to build an apartment in that place. However, the Soma doesn’t agree about it.

Then, the girl gives the challenge to Souma. She asks him to be able to serve the customers as they want well. If he can’t do it, he should sell and close the restaurant. But, he can do the challenge; the girl will go for his restaurant. Then, Souma agrees with this challenge. Finally, he wins. But, what will happen?

Souma wins, but his father makes the decision to close the restaurant for about 2 until 3 years because he wants to go to the place that is far away from helping his friend. Yes, there is a friend that invites him to work together. His father goes to his friend and leaves Souma. Knowing it, Souma feels bad. Souma is asked by his father to study in cooking so he can be better than his father in cooking.

Soume learns how to cook carefully. Then, as the result, he is able to cook the delicious food. He can be a good chef. Some friends of him are proud. Every person eats his food will be amazed.

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