The Keys to Mindful Meditation for Beginners


A lot of people want to try meditative practice, but they are clueless about how to meditate. The experts say that meditation is simply about breathing and clearing your thoughts and feelings—it sounds so easy. But beginners can say that meditation is not as easy as it sounds. It is the mind’s job to work constantly, and it will wander almost instantly. The mind will wander often when one sits still and does nothing, but when you are able to bring it back to the present when it does wonder, this is where the magic happens.

Focus on your breath.

Sit down comfortable on the floor by keeping your spine upright and resting your hands on your knees. You should sit upright, but not uptight, and relax the shoulders, open the chest, and soften the belly—this is when you come to notice your breath. Your meditation begins when you start to be aware of your breath, and you had to focus on your breathing. Try your best to focus on your breathing without making effort to direct it. Simply pay attention to its natural movement, and as you do this, you will come to notice your mind starting to wander and your feelings starting to burst out—and this is normal. What you need to do is simply bring back your mind to the present, and acknowledge and be okay with your feelings.

Focus on your body.

Once you are focused, you will begin to take notice of your body. You will be aware of how each body part feels, and you should feel them. Start with the toes, and work your way up to your head. Focus on how each body part feels on each breath, and if your mind starts to wander again, bring your focus back to your breath until you are focused again.

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