Things you have to know in air fryer

10Have you heard about air fryer? Do you know that it is a good replacement for a common frying pan? Air fryer has been the best alternative technology in home appliance, especially in cooking. As it does not use hot oil to fry but it just needs hot air circulated well by the air fryer. You may have heard about the air fryer, and you also know the reasons why you have to replace your conventional frying pan. Some people replace the frying pan due to health issue about the oil and some people also use air fryer because it is so practical. We all know that baking and roasting needs oven, but when you have air fryer, you don’t need to use air fryer. You just need to put the foods into air fryer and then roast the foods. To know more about this device, let’s check out things you have to know in air fryer.

Things to know

  • It can cook anything in any way. You can bake, roast, and grill the foods using this appliance. If common frying pan only cooks by oil, you can use this device for any way cooking
  • It uses circulated hot air that lets foods cooked well by the hot air. The fryer will circulate the hot air to let the foods got heated and cooked well
  • It has low wattage. Although it’s electrical, that cooks foods; this comes with low wattage. We all know that almost all electrical home appliances come with middle wattage, but this device comes with low wattage.
  • It has good taste result. If you worry about the taste from the air fryer, you are wrong. As there have been so many tests done by many experts, the taste produced by the air fryer is as delicious as common frying way.

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