Parlay bet can be a very tempting betting type on midas303.com, considering that you can easily win back your money fifty or even a hundred times over if you win your bet. However, veteran bettors know that although parlay bet can rake up a lot of money if you win your bet, it is also a relatively risky bet to make, especially compared to over/under or money line bets, which only requires you to bet for one single match instead of multiple matches all at once. However, do not let this stop you from making parlay bets! Instead, check out these conditions that can give you an advantage when you are planning to make a parlay bet:

  • Reduced juice for parlays. Certain betting sites offer a better juice for parlay bets compared to regular bets, which will give bettors a much better and superior odds if they are betting on a parlay bet, be it two or three team parlays, on that site.
  • Correlated parlay. If a parlay is correlated, it might also increase your odds pretty significantly, and even makes a parlay bet a much better option than your standard straight bet. Always make sure to check out the schedule and spread of the match you want to bet on to see if any of it correlates in any way, as it might be the chance for you to win a lot of money by betting on them!
  • Free play bonuses. If you have a free play bonus you can use, investing them on a parlay bet instead of a straight bet is a wise decision, as it means that you can use that single free play more than once. Betting on three team parlay when you have a free play bonus is a pretty solid advice.

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