Why You Should Choose Hurricane Windows


Hurricane season can be a nightmare, but with the help of hurricane windows, you have nothing to worry about.

Hurricane windows are often referred to as impact windows. This is because they are impact-resistant, protecting you and your home from devastating hurricanes.

Hurricane windows are revolutionary and a necessity for many.

It can be a relatively affordable option for those who need hurricane protection.

If you live in Florida, Hawaii, Texas, New York, North Carolina, or any other high-risk hurricane state, it would be a good idea to invest in hurricane windows.

Hurricane Windows Explained

Do you want protection all year round?

Put your mind at ease by hurricane-proofing your home with impact-resistant windows.

While standard windows are more affordable, they do not protect your belongings or your family. Hurricane windows are installed so that when a hurricane strikes, the windows stay intact and do not shatter.

Being unprepared for a hurricane is a disaster in itself. Even though hurricane windows may seem less affordable than the average window, they could in fact save your life.


Hurricane-resistant windows are made from laminated glass with an interlayer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) or SGP (Sentry Glass Plus).

These specific windows combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass. They go through a special silicone glazing process that stops the glass from breaking away from the frame, thus preventing destructive winds and intruders from entering your home.

If your home is located in an inland area where the wind speed is 110 mph or greater, only windows that are certified as “impact-rated” can protect your interior from wind and windborne debris.

None of the standard single pane windows, double pane windows, and laminated windows are rated to provide protection against a hurricane.

Hurricane windows are safe and reliable, offering added benefits like UV protection and noise reduction. Standard windows offer no noise reduction or protection.

Preparing for a natural disaster is vital, once your hurricane windows are installed you have nothing to worry about, they are permanently set and ready to protect you. Hurricane windows offer all-year-long protection from harsh elements and are also good burglary protection.

An added benefit of hurricane windows is that it allows you to save on your home insurance, simply apply for a discount on your insurance premium.